Design boutique!

With love from Estonia

Kreit Design kicked off in the summer of 2014, during the rise of the e-estonia start-up community, which is also a big part of the overall mindset and a way of working. Theres a lot of collaboration with startups, but also with many great small-mid sized companies. Across the globe. Remotely. Successfully.

In-house skillset is delightly diverse, offering a wide range of visual design – from marketing to brand – and experience design – from web to product – capabilities, that will always be tailored to your business, and your customers needs! No templates!

Following a simple, but thourough design process, will get us nicely to the finish line, in a timely and affordable way. Additional access to a selection of quality partners – marketing, development, illustration, photography, etc – can make our collaboration even more fulfilling.

To make things especially interesting for both of us, then yours businesses involved with #biotech, #edtech, #mental-health, #longevity, #nutrition, #body, #science and #ai in general, should most definitely reach out – huge interest to work with and learn from yours ventures!

Is there more?

Yes. Sure there is. Feel free to schedule a call today and find it out yourself! .)