Web & Digital

Make your website or product more simple, purposeful and joyful experience for your customer, to build trust and fulfill business goals.

We will cover:

  • Discovery, audit, research & analysis, for a better understanding of the business, customers, competitors and the industry.

  • Define the business and customer goals and needs, for the website or the product.

  • Outline all the content, features and functionalities of the website or the product, that support defined business and customer goals and needs.

  • Outline the overall flow, navigation and structure of the website or the product.

  • Consult and confirm with developers, what can be done (or not) and what makes sense (or not).

  • Explore different design and layout directions to choose from (ideally aligned with brand guidelines, if available).

  • Test, adjust and refine (2-3 rounds).

  • Compile a proper design package, with all the needed files and guidelines for successful implementation.


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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein